IMPORTANT: This is a postjam version!


  • Fixed a bug on some browsers that made the bird fly away unexpectedly
  • Fixed a bug where moving towards a wall will consume food despite not moving
  • Fixed UI so it can scale with the user's resolution
  • Modifed insects behaviour to move when the player moves and not at their own times
  • Removed timed food consumption. Food is now only consumed when the player moves
  • Bugs now make noise every time they move and not only randomly

A puzzle game about a hummingbird who can’t see and must eat to survive.

A bat friend showed her how to use it’s wings flapping as a sonar, and can now move seeing what’s really close around. Eat all the food in one area to move to the next one, don’t let the bird die!!


  • WASD To move
  • E to eat
  • SPACE to increase sight
  • F to leave a landmark
  • Q to recall to landmark


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Como siempre un MUY buen juego de Puzzle De Webox!!!

jaja gracias!! Me alegro que haya gustado, me quede contento con el resultado sobre todo porque era de Compo y era mi primera vez en el compo